Body Corporate

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The Body Corporate Committee

The Body Corporate Committee are residents who share passion and pride in our building. All members reside in the building. It is our duty to ensure standards are maintained and to keep AQUA in the prestige condition we all enjoy.

In order to ensure that this ethos is maintained, we will from time to time require you as a resident to help us along the way by reporting anything you feel may improve the conditions and environment that we all live in. Your constructive feedback is always welcome. Please use the "Contact Us Page" or contact anyone below to discuss further details.

Management Team

Graham Gordon


Phone: 0417 631 941


Graham Gordon


 Phone: 0417 631 941


Mark Goodhew


 Phone: 0412 886 875


Committee Members

Kellie Wright

Phone:0412 006 202

Mark Pritchard

Phone: 0419 907 500

Michael Collins

Phone: 0401 309 938

Michael Gheerbrant

Phone: 0418 980 071

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